How urban planning can ruin your life

Urban encumbrances often go unnoticed, even by lawyers. It’s essential to check them to ensure that your property is not affected by any zoning change.

Broadly speaking, we can say that there’re two types of urban planning affectations:

 Number One, the soft one. It’s when the owners are not expelled within a deadline, but are simply not allowed to make works aimed at extending the life of the building, they can only make ornamental improvements, such as painting walls and little else. In this way, the building deteriorates naturally until it’s a ruin and has to be demolished.

An example of this type of urban encumbrance, is a building like this one in the neighbourhood of Gracia. When they were built they left a very narrow space for pedestrians. The city council now wants to provide more space for pedestrians. So when a building is demolished, any new buildings should leave more space for pedestrians. This is the reason why we see sidewalks like this with different widths.

The other type of urban encumbrance is the hard one, where people are kicked out of their homes, as in the case of this building in front of the Sagrada Familia. The city council wants to build a park so that visitors can admire the Church from afar better, so all the owners of this building will be evicted with compensation.

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