How to get the best lawyer in Barcelona

Some tips on how
to get good legal advice when buying a property in Barcelona.


Number 1: make sure
that your lawyer specializes in real estate. It is important because it is a
complex and tricky field that requires deep knowledge to avoid costly mistakes.


Number 2: It is also
important that this lawyer is based in Barcelona.

It is also quite
important because he or she must personally visit the property that you are
going to buy, he has to meet personally the owner and his or her lawyer, has go
to the notary, to the city hall, to the bank, to the property registry…, so
it is necessary that this lawyer is available to move within Barcelona as many
times as necessary.


Number 3: The lawyer
should be a licensed lawyer.

Many people can offer
themselves to advice you saying that they already know everything of real
estate. Be aware of this kind of people. We are in the era of fake news, biased
information on the internet, and it’s very important to know what’s true and
what’s not… so there are certain aspects of the law that require a deep legal
knowledge and academic preparation, so only a lawyer who has studied law, who
goes often to court, who deals with lawsuits every day, can understand the
importance of every aspect of the purchase. So if you know someone who is
knowledgeable about these things, that’s fine, any opinion is welcome, but please
trust your lawyer.


Number 4: Get an
independent lawyer.

Agencies may tell you
that they can provide you with legal assistance, or may recommend you a very
good lawyer. If you agree to that, you will never know if this lawyer is
looking out for your best interests, or in your best interest, so hire someone
who has nothing to do with the agency.


Number 5: Make sure
that the lawyer you hire speaks English well enough to ensure maximum
understanding of all aspects of the process. You may speak a little Spanish and
think you can understand your attorney, but unless your native language is
Spanish, or you speak it really well, it is better for your attorney to speak
in English, because language is full of nuances, false friends, words with
multiple meanings. If your lawyer explains it to you in English, instead, you
will force him or her to explain it to you in a way that leaves no doubt about
the meaning of what he or she is saying.


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